Today was the first day of our service here in Boston with our community partner, Community Servings. The organization works to feed individuals with life altering illnesses and their families in many parts of Massachusetts. We were welcomed the second we entered the Community Servings building, as our group is volunteering at a time during the year in which the organization is low on volunteers. After a short volunteer orientation explaining the rules of the kitchen and a little more about the organization, we were eager to get on our gloves, aprons, and hair nets to start our service in the kitchen.

Our team was split up into all sorts of tasks from cutting vegetables, to packaging salads, and assembling full meals to be deliver to people in Boston and neighboring areas. I feel that even in just one day, we were able to see the process of assembling ingredients into delicious meals to be sent out to thousands of clients in need. All of the work put into making these meals was very careful and I could definitely see that the workers truly enjoyed and cared about the final product. We were also able to have amazing conversations with various people who worked and volunteered at Community Servings. Each of the grouup members heard life stories about why they worked here or about their families. It was an amazing feeling having what were strangers at the beginning of the day open up to us so much. Our day wasn’t filled with constant seriousness and reflection, as we had many laughs with fellow volunteers and workers as if we had known each other for years.

I am very eager and excited to be waking up bright and early tomorrow morning to have another long, but fun day at Community Servings. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week unfolds.