The time has gone by so quickly, I can’t believe I will be leaving tomorrow!  I told myself I would slowly start packing a week in advance.  However, I did not even touch my suitcase until Wednesday.  Even though I have done some traveling I have not been so far from home on my own.  Also, this time I am not going for vacation or to just relax.  This trip to Texas will involve lots of learning and great new experiences.  The hardest right now is packing though.  I’m not sure what I should take with me or what I would need and I do not have much room for packing either.

Although, the flight is early I’m excited to go to Texas.  We will be right by the border and I have never been so far South before.  I think the culture in the town is greatly influenced by its proximity to Mexico.  So we won’t just be exposed to the Southern US culture but also the Mexican culture.  I am very excited to compare the northeast suburban culture to this new culture that I will experience.