After a few very quick weeks our trip is finally here! I literally cannot believe how quickly this semester is passing us by!

I’m very excited to start our service, I’ve been busy planning all week for Cultural Day, which is tomorrow! I took a lot of time to plan our day so that we get exposure to all sorts of things that I hope everyone will enjoy, and I can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

In regards to our actual service I’m very excited to be working with Green Opportunities, and the River Alliance. We’re pretty much here to do whatever they need, which I believe is one of the best ways to help organizations. They often have many aspirations and sometimes simply lack the man-power to actually get things done. So we’ll be meeting the leaders of these programs, which will be very inspirational and I’m very excited to get to know them and their work on a deeper level.

I’m so excited to get started, especially after the very long driving day full of two montonous CDs… it’ll be nice to have a break! Go Team NC!