A good portion of Lafayette students receive Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid package and have a plethora of job options from which to choose.  Some choose to put in a few hours at the library or sports center while others choose to tutor their fellow students.  Others, though, feel compelled to become involved with the community in which they live, and participate in the community of Easton through the America Reads*Counts tutoring program. Here are just some of the reasons our tutors decided to get involved:


I decided to become an America Reads tutor because it is important to take advantage of opportunities outside of the classroom. Tutoring is an active way to get involved with the Easton community, and is equally rewarding to both the tutor and student. As tutors, we bridge the gap between student and teacher. Not all students have an easy time communicating with their teacher, so it’s a great feeling to provide that extra support and comfort. Contributing to a student’s success and inspiring perseverance is a satisfying task that I love contributing to. I’m looking forward to another successful semester at EAMS this fall!

-Danielle Noonan ’15


I chose to become a tutor because I wanted to help kids like learning. I know that as a child I loved to learn about new things so I am hoping that through my tutoring I will get kids to love learning as well.

-Stephanie Silva ’16


I wanted to become an America Reads Tutor because I genuinely love working with children.  I want to learn about how children develop and interact with one another. Working with children was one of the highlights of my high school life and it’s really an amazing feeling to know that I made a positive influence in their lives and something I wish to continue.

-Jolly Shi ’16


As a first time program coordinator at the Easton Area Middle School, I am continuing to learn and grow from the experience of tutoring and leading others.  With all my work as a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student, it is really invigorating to be able to step away from my classes for a couple hours and focus on working with students at EAMS.

-Eamon Campolettano ’15, Program Coordinator, EAMS


“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

                                                                                                -Ralph Waldo Emerson