Danielle Noonan ’15

Experiences at March Elementary

April 6, 2012






Tutoring has informed my experiences as a college student by reminding me of the importance of my college education. By helping students motivate and focus on their work, I have also motivated myself to be a stronger student. It is always rewarding to work with students who are very engaged and excited to learn. When I see their eagerness to learn and their incredible curiosity, it reminds me to find the fun in learning again. I remind myself that being a student isn’t a chore, but instead something I should want to do for myself. Being a college student has informed my work as a tutor because I combine everything I have learned over the years and aim to be a positive role model in the classroom. In college I have learned to cooperate with a variety of people with varying interests and backgrounds. This is useful when working as a tutor because it forces me to come up with creative approaches to working with the kids. Some students are harder to agree with, harder to focus with, and harder to communicate with than others. However, working with the students at MARCH is no different than working with college students at Lafayette. I’ve learned that there is always a way to get through to certain people, it is just a matter of relating and connecting with them.