What is America Reads?

President Bill Clinton began the America Reads Initiative in 1997 to increase the reading skills and achievement of schoolchildren by providing additional resources to educators and parents at no cost to them.

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Each semester, the Lafayette College America Reads Program employs between 35-50 student tutors who work at different community partner sites throughout the Easton area. America Reads tutors are paid for the hours they work through Federal Work Study (as part of their financial aid package), resulting in a no-cost literacy resource for the community organizations the work with.

The Landis Center provides tutoring opportunities at the following locations in Easton:
  • Easton Area Public Library
  • Greater Valley YMCA Easton
  • Cheston Elementary
  • March Elementary
  • Paxinosa Elementary
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Tutors are selected and hired based on their previous experiences in mentoring/tutoring children and a demonstrated passion for education and civic engagement. America reads provides participants a civic and practical learning experience as they develop leadership skills and qualities. Lafayette College does not offer a degree in childhood education, so for many tutors this partnership offers practical classroom experience, specific teaching and behavior management strategies, and an understanding of the challenges that teachers, students, and school districts face on a daily basis.

How do I apply?​

  • You must be eligible for Federal Work Study to qualify for an America Reads position.
  • An online application is posted prior to and at the end of each semester on Handshake
  • Qualified applicants are contacted to schedule an interview
  • Tutors selected for a position are notified with instructions for completing the hiring process
  • You may contact Chris Cohen (cohench@lafayette.edu) with any question about the application process

How can I determine if I have federal work study eligibility?​

If you qualified for Federal Work Study under your Financial Aid package, you should have received information from Financial Aid. If you are unsure of your status and/or need further information, you should contact Jamie Baltz in the Financial Aid Department in Markle Hall

Do I have to have any special experience to qualify for this job?

  • We are looking for applicants who bring a wide spectrum of skills and talents, and a passion for mentoring and working with children
  • We are specifically looking for tutors who:
    • are dedicated to their commitments
    • are enthusiastic and proactive
    • are professional and team players
    • show great commitment and reliability
    • who genuinely enjoy mentoring and helping children to excel and be successful in their learning

How do tutoring assignments work?

  • Tutors are assigned to a community partner site (or sites), and given a regular weekly schedule
  • Tutors do not work over college holidays or breaks
  • A Tutor’s specific tutoring assignment is based on many factors including:
    • their availability
    • available community partner site opportunities
    • their interest and skills
    • their preferences in age groups and specific sites
    • the total amount of their Federal Work Study award
  • After each semester, tutors can try new sites or continue tutoring at a favorite site
  • Tutors are supervised by a peer leader and have the support of their fellow tutors, America Reads student leaders, and professional staff

What kind of work will I do? Will I always be in a classroom setting?​

  • Depending on the community partner site, tutors are utilized in a variety of ways which
    can include:

    • one-on-one tutoring of students identified by a classroom teacher as needing additional help
    • small group work with students requiring additional math/reading assistance
    • general homework help as part of an after-school program
    • working directly with a teacher in a classroom by creating and implementing literacy activities, etc.​

Do you provide transportation to the community partner sites?

  • We DO provide transportation (van or LCAT Shuttle) to all sites, except for March Elementary, where tutors can easily walk from campus
  • All of our community partner sites are in located in Easton and range in 10-20 minutes of travel time each way

Will I need any special documents, etc.?​

Yes. The following items are needed to begin tutoring and to get paid:

Payroll Paperwork:

  • In order to be paid through the college, you must complete the proper payroll forms through the Controller’s Office located in the basement of Marquis Hall. You will need to present a passport OR a picture ID plus an original copy of your birth certificate or Social Security Card


Prior to the start of tutoring, you must complete the following:

  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FBI Fingerprinting
  • Mandated Reporter Statement of Understanding
  • Tuberculosis Screening

The cost of FBI Fingerprinting to a tutor is reimbursable by the College. Please visit our resource page for full instructions for completing your clearances