Education: Being a part of the Landis Center for Community Engagement provides volunteers with the resources to explore social questions from many angles. Volunteers will be asked to consider the historical, political, social, and cultural contexts of the organizations they volunteer with. In order to facilitate this understanding, Landis Center professional staff offers sessions of Civic Engagement 101 to all community-engaged Lafayette organizations.

Civic Engagement 101:
  • Introduces the Landis Center models of engagement
  • Provides relevant contextual information about the Easton community and the community organization with which students will be volunteering including:
    • A brief history of Easton and the organization
    • The mission of the organization, the populations it serves, what its primary challenges are, what its primary assets are, why it is important to the community, and why the community is important to it
Contact Chelsea Cefalu (cefaluc) to schedule your Civic Engagement 101 session

Reflection: Reflection provides volunteers the opportunity to connect their community engagement experiences with previous life experiences and observations. When done well, reflection activities can deepen volunteers’ understanding of themselves and the community to which they have committed themselves.

Reflection questions ask:
  • Participants to think about the relationship between themselves, society, and the community-based project
  • Participants to consider causes, symptoms, and impacts of the social question being addressed
Contact Chelsea Cefalu (cefaluc) to schedule your reflection session. Sample reflection questions are also available