KIC Staff is open to all students in the Class of 2017, 2018, and 2019. Please feel free to share this application with other student leaders. Strong applicants will have demonstrated leadership and experience in service-related activities or organizations.

Applications for KIC Staff must be submitted electronically by 1 PM on Wednesday, February 17th. Applications will be screened, and applicants invited to interview for a position will be contacted with more information by February 29th.

To apply, use the following link: This survey will prompt you to upload a Word document, saved with your first and last name (Kenzie.Corbin.doc), with your answers to the following application questions:


1) How will your volunteer experience(s) benefit you as a KIC Camp Staff Member?

2) Describe a situation where you had to use your leadership skills to independently manage an issue.

3) How would your peers describe your strengths and weaknesses? In other words, in what areas have you been told you excel? In what areas have you been told you need improvement?

4) How would you engage a 10-year-old camp participant who is uninterested or unwilling to take part in the scheduled activity?

5) Imagine it is the first day of POSP, and you notice a first-year student who is not participating in the group activities. What would you do to engage this first-year student?


A detailed list of responsibilities for students on KIC Staff are attached to this email. Expectations include:

Attendance at planning meetings this semester Preparation of programming outlines, including supply lists Training as needed Full participation in POSP Training & Program


Please do not hesitate to contact Kenzie Corbin ( or Amber Zuber ( with any questions.