Happy hump day! It’t the third day of our service and I am still keeping the energy going!
The special project of the day is to create a walking path at the school’s bus stop site for children and staffs to exercise. In the morning session, our team divided into different specialty groups which includes measuring the path’s length, creating footprint stencils, and marking the pathways with chalks. After recess sessions, we continued the project by coating the footprint trace with yellow paints. During recess, I already saw kids walking around the unfinished path, and nothing could compare to the satisfaction that the kids’ smiles can give me.
It stroke me today that it had been an amazing learning experience working with this diverse team. As Mary pointed out during reflection, we have people who are good at maths and calculations, people who excels on the recess soccer fields, and people that are artistically talented. ASB has drawn people from different fields together to tackle the same goal; we divide and conquer!

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  1. Thank you so much for the hard work everyone put in to the paint project yesterday! As I was speaking to Mr. Copeland and Ms. Tate they were so excited at the reality of having an official path for the Eagle 6. I am confident that this footpath will be enjoyed by the kids and staff for years to come. The diverse talents of your group were a true asset. I hope ya’ll had a great time at recess today as well!

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