Today was a super eventful day here in North Carolina. It was our second day of service, and I had a great time. We started off organizing the physical education closet in the morning. At first it seemed like an overwhelming and impossible task, but we worked well as a team and finished the job in two hours. It looks awesome now and it’ll be a lot easier to find supplies. The cleaning of the supply closet was followed by 3 and a half hours of recess. I didn’t realize how tiring it would be but it was really fun. I played soccer and flag tag with the students. Zach and Bo are like celebrities here and are constantly being pulled to play different games. The students still only refer to Zach as “Zach Efron,” and I can think of at least 5 girls that have a crush on Bo. Their egoes are getting out of control (totally kidding). We participated in a co-ed volleyball practice after recess. The positivity and support of the students towards one another was awesome! Every time someone made a mistake (including me because I messed up SO much) the students would tell me that it was a nice try. It’s inspiring to see this level of maturity at such a young age. After practice, we came back to our camp and ate dinner and then Luis taught us how to dance! I didn’t realize it was possible to have as much rhythm as he does. I was definitely impressed. That’s it for today, but I’m really excited for tomorrow!