This morning I visited a whole new world inside of Community Servings! This special place is known to most as the dishwashing room. In our first couple of days I worked in the professional kitchen chopping onions and in the volunteer kitchen packing everthything from soup to dessert. But, now I found myself washing dishes along with two other volunteers, one of which was my group memeber Casey. I got to scrub chicken fat off of baking sheets using a paint scrapper, something that one of the ladies volunteering said “at least this will make your foremarms big and strong” which it definatly did. As bad as it may sound to be scrubing hard crystalized chicken fat off of a baking sheet, I don’t think it was too bad being that I only did it for a little while and once this entire week. I was especially understanding after I found out some information about Daniel, one of the workers in the dishwashing room. Daniel commutes about two hours everyday to work at Community Servings, inside of the dishwashing room, often by himself. So he gets to scrub chicken fat, pie crusts and dried gumbo off of pots and pans all day long, sometimes taking shifts with others. When asked about why he does this arduous work he replied that he does it because he knows that the work he is doing means the world to the clientele of Community Servings. One of the cooks admitted “the dishwashing room is the heart of Community Servings and without it the whole operation wouldn’t work”. Therefore, I would like to say thank you to Daniel and the others who work at Community Servings doing what has to be done to make sure Community Servings can operate as smoothly as it does and operate at all.