Today is our third day in El Salvador and it has been a complete blessing. I have already learned so much than what I have ever wanted to know. Reflecting from the home visits we had yesterday I was able to connect and understand with the families we are serving.

During this trip we are serving two families. Both families are beautiful and full of hope. Our group of fifteen split into two and began working on the two houses. My team and I worked with Jose’s family of two kids: Jose and Jaimie and their mother, Sylvia. This family is humble and very hard-working.

Today was the first day of actual construction and to be honest I was very surprised and happy for all the work we were able to accomplish. We were able to accomplish what was set to be done for the day and more! I was excited and nervous to start the houses mostly because I’ve never done anything like that and I wanted everything to be perfect.

All of the master carpenters were incredibly patient in teaching the group which was great. By the end of the day we were able to have the frame of the house, roof, and windows all done. It was very calming to see the house go from pieces of wood to an actual frame of of the house up and almost done.

One touching moment was seeing the two kids come back from school and willing to help with simple things such as handing nails and other tools to us. They seemed to appreciate what we were doing for them which made everything worth it.

If you are interested in helping in any form please feel free to visit the OPAT website for more information