Today, we had our first encounter with public transportation in Boston. Navigating the T we found our way to Quincy Market and an indoor vintage market, as well as the USS Constitution. At the naval yard we attended a tour of the ship led by a Naval Officer. The officer discussed why he chose to join the service and what it means to him to work on the same ship that housed so many great heros, who dedicated their life to service. While this was a great bonding experience for us as a group, I think the Naval Officer’s commentary was a true testament to the importance of serving others and how those actions can lead to a more fullfilling lifestyle. As we head into the remainder of our week in Boston, I am really looking forward to our time at Community Servings. We have had a multitude of bonding experiences and it is only our first full day in Boston! These experiences we have had as a group will allow us to work cohesively when we walk into Community Servings on Tuesday morning. That way we can accomplish as much as possible and be ready to complete whatever tasks come our way!