Tomorrow is my first ever ASB trip. As I pack and wash my clothes for the week ahead, I can’t help but to think what my friends are doing now. Are they back home taking 12 hour naps? Are they on their way to some exotic resort or heading to the beach to enjoy the heat? This and more runs through my head even as I write this article. So I ask myself, “Should I have done any of these things for my first ever college spring break?” The answer is no.

Although these things are the popular things to do for spring break, I want something different; furthermore, I want something meaningful. Now sleeping for 12 hours is great and all (I love sleep!) but doing service means more to me. It means giving back and that is something I love doing. It is something I’ve been doing since middle school and I certainly don’t want to stop now. College is supposed to be a place where we not only learn from distinguished professors and scholars but develop a better understanding of those around us. Now that is something ASB has to offer.

It is a trip that takes a group of volunteers to a location and does service for a week. A week dedicated to not only understanding our community around us but giving back as well. It is a week filled with laughs, smiles, and of course, service! This week should be one for the books. I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my first ever college spring break. So in a choice between sleep, beaches, and ASB? I’ll take ASB. That’s something that’s truly priceless.