Only a good night’s sleep is left until Team Roots kicks off our ASB trip. I am so excited to start this adventure with everyone! After getting to know them a bit in the fall, I can tell it’s going to be a fun and great group! Our itinerary looks fantastic; each activity looks as interesting as the next. It’s hard to decide which I am most excited for! It will all be really new experiences because I’ve never done ASB before, never been down South nor have I interacted with Native American culture. But I’m ready for it! I’m ready to trade in a College Hill for some Smoky Mountains. T-minus 7 hours…


  1. Meg Slotkin says:

    Becca: it’s snowing up here and the driveway needs shoveling; what time will you be home?

    JK of course – looking forward to learning from YOU after you learn from your adventures!

  2. Bradford Bormann says:

    I think the Appalachian Mountains are an underappreciated piece of our Nation’s geography and culture — I really hope you have a good time there!

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