Only five more days until we leave for Tennessee; it’s crazy how fast the trip is approaching! With such a wide variety of service (homesteading, park preservation, and giving back to the Cherokee community) I’m not totally sure what to expect this week. We could rebuild homes and learn about the natural disasters that rip through the area, work to remove invasive species, or begin to learn about living off the land. Luckily we had the chance to talk with Professor Brandes about sustainable farming and water use, so our week of education and service has already begun.  Regardless of the adventures we embark on I know it’s going to be an amazing week for this entire ROOTS team, who has done a superb job preparing all fall. With the stunning Smokey Mountains as a backdrop and so much to learn from our hosts and the Cherokee community, I can’t wait to head out on this adventure and begin a memorable week of service in Tennessee!