As midterms and various work has been piling on relentlessly, spring break and our trip to Kentucky has been creeping up very steadily, and now it’s only three days away. I know our whole group feels a mixture of emotions just as I do- relief there’s a break, excitement for the trip, a slight pang of longing for a week to myself, it’s all there.
I just know that once classes are over and we are out on the trip, we’re going to have the best time. I have personally have been absent for some of the team building we’ve done, so I can’t wait to actually get to know everyone on the trip. And I can’t wait to be doing the project! I feel like our trip is so necessary, with the economic hardship on us all it’s important that everyone works together to pull ourselves out of tough times. It feels good to help my fellow human beings and I’m eager to get started.