Today we learned how to make compost. In the morning, we took a walk and gathered dead leaves and branches. After that, Donald showed us a vine to swing on and a tree to walk across. After lunch we cleaned out the cow pens and used the old chicken bedding, molasses, water, calcium, legumes, and the leaves we collected earlier to make our compost. We covered them with old chicken feed bags and in fifteen days Donald will take the temperature of the pile and stir it around. After one month the compost will finally be ready. After this exciting day we all enjoyed showers and Xinia’s delicious cooking for dinner! hasta luego!


  1. Ida Corrigan says:

    Sounds like a great experience Allie. Please be sure go get recipes for the dishes you like the best so that we can make them here! That way you can make your memories live forever more.

  2. Eileen Hart says:

    Sounds like a wonderful learning opportunity, while having fun as well.
    It will be interesting to see how much of this can be put into practice back here in the States!

    Looking forward to hearing about more of your trip.

  3. Dad says:

    From the post, It sounds like you all are having great new experiences, learning a lot, and having fun.
    Happy Birthday, Allie!

  4. Carol R says:

    Great to hear that everyone has settled in and is making a contribution to making the farm work. Waiting for more updates.

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