Stephanie Hunter ’15

Safe Harbor Volunteer


I go down to Safe Harbor on Monday nights, and it never fails to be a wonderful experience. I look forward to interacting with the residents every week and hearing about their progress as they work towards leaving Safe Harbor. I also look forward to our “life chats” with the residents and Mark, a volunteer outside of Lafayette who also visits on Monday nights. One of my most memorable experiences is definitely meeting Diane. She was always excited to see us each week, and everyone in the Monday group soon formed a friendship with her. From the moment I heard her difficult story about how she arrived at Safe Harbor, I was immediately inspired by her. She had this lightness about her, this peace and dedication that I could see was absolutely genuine. She is one of the most dedicated and driven people I’ve met. I was very happy to hear that she recently got her own apartment because it means she’s starting her life over in the positive way she wants to, but I will miss seeing her every week. She is one special person who I will never ever forget.