AR*C Tutor of the Month:

Sharon Chen ’15


Nominated By: Miss Alyssa at Pre-K Counts





This is my second semester tutoring with America Reads and I absolutely love it. I enjoy working with the children not only because they are cute but I also learn a lot from my time with them. The idea that we, as tutors, can have a positive influence on these children  while helping them in their education makes this job extra special. I like knowing that at the end of a long day, I have facilitated at least one child’s understanding of that day’s lesson.

From Miss Alyssa:

I would like to nominate Miss Sharon Chen for the America Reads Student of the Month. Miss Sharon is always engaged in activities and conversations with the children. She uses age-appropriate vocabulary with the children and kneels down to their level when speaking to them. She asks the children open-ended questions and always incorporates our weekly theme into her conversations with them. Miss Sharon is a wonderful addition to our classroom!