Volunteer of the Month:

Andrew Brady


Major: B.S. Mathematics; Certificate in Financial Policy and Analysis

Landis Program: Sharing the Caring

Other Activities: Lafayette Christian Fellowship; Music Appreciation Floor; Arts Society; Concert Band; Calculus Cavalry.

“Andrew Brady has never stopped being my number one volunteer. He always is enthusiastic, ready to go no matter how little sleep he got the night before. He brings multiple instruments down with him each time we volunteer, and always makes sure to take requests made by the clients seriously, occasionally bringing seniors to tears with his thoughtfulness. I cannot think of a single person who more embodies the goals and ideals of the Landis Center, and I am honored to have to opportunity to continue working with him.”- Taylor

Andrew’s Sentiment: “Three years ago, when I learned of Sharing the Caring, a program that could incorporate my love of music and my desire to brighten others’ lives, I jumped at the opportunity. This has been one of my fondest Lafayette experiences, and I am glad that I have been able to give just a little back to those who have invested their lives into giving so much for our community. I am quite honored for this recognition, and I would like to thank my program coordinators, past and present, and the staff at the Third Street Alliance for making this service opportunity possible.”

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  1. Dear Andrew,

    Thank you so much for your time, talent, and kindness. Sharing the caring clients enjoy your music. keep up the great job. You are a great asset to the community.
    Mahpareh Fakhraie,
    Program Director of Sharing the caring.

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