I can’t believe there are only five more days until we leave for Tennessee!  I’m really excited to work with the Cherokee community there and to learn more about their culture.  I think it will be eye-opening to work in a community where there aren’t even streetlights on the roads.  I’ve never been immersed in a culture before; I’m as excited to learn about their ways of life as I am to work in the senior center, childcare center, and different forests.  Although I’ve done a lot of service before, I think this will be a great way to learn the difference between going in and “fixing” a community and working with a community as partners.  We have a really strong and enthusiastic team (not to mention an awesome team leader) and I can’t wait to meet the students from University of South Florida and Colorado State!  I think this trip will be a meaningful way to learn about a social issue and group that are often overlooked.