Since New York City is perhaps best known for Broadway, we decided that our cultural activity would be the Broadway show Chicago. This was especially exciting for Anda, Jenn and Maeve since it was their first Broadway show! Anda thought it was interesting to see the professionals perform, since she was in musicals in high school. We all really enjoyed the show even though the more experienced Broadway goers thought it was a less “traditional” musical. It was extremely funny and entertaining. Before the show we also spent a little time walking around Times Square.

Upon returning to the hostel, we made pasta for dinner and then had reflection. During our reflection we discussed our personal and our group goals for the week. We each wrote our own and then read them out loud. We all realized that we have very similar personal and group goals. These included learning more about each other, bonding as a team, learning more about our organizations, and learning more about our social issue.