Today we volunteered at the Bowery Mission. Throughout the day we were separated into three groups. One group was responsible for kitchen prep, one served the food, and the other did miscellaneous tasks including folding clothes, packing food in the food pantry, and sorting deliveries for storage. The highlight of most of our days was to actually serve the food to the people and the ability to interact with them. Our “highs” for the day included the politeness and gratefulness of the people we served. In the same way, we made sure that we were polite to each of the people. We made sure not to be judgemental because we do not know the specific situation of each person and that these people are inherently the same as we are.

Tomorrow we will be working at God’s Love We Deliver and generally no one knows what to expect. I’m looking forward to seeing how each meal is individually prepared based on that person’s dietary needs. I think it is safe to say that we are all growing closer as a group and are looking forward to working together for the rest of the week.


Happy Martin Luther King Day and National Day of Service!