So as its the day before we leave on our DC adventure, i am very excited to see how this experience is going to play out. The only other ASB trip i have been on is to the Dominican Republic and i am excited to experience the differences ad similarities that DC holds. I haven’t been to DC since i was younger and while i am excited to explore and see the sights one expects to see when visiting the city i am most excited to work with CSM and meet those who live and work in the area. i think that is one of the most amazing things that this experience offers, engaging in and with the community and those that live there. i think that hunger and homelessness is an issue that is often over looked. we often think about these issues as ones that plague people who live abroad and don’t pay enough attention to the people who need our help in our own country. I am also exited that we are working with a group like CSM, after being educated about their goals and the work they do i believe the ASB goals match up with theirs and i am glad we have them to open us up to their contacts and a city they are very familiar with. there may be people and experiences we would not have if we didn’t have the opportunity to work with this organization.