This morningĀ our group was able to visit a local charter school, where we were split into individual classrooms. I was sent to the second grade, where I was able to bond with the children, many of whom had english as a second language and were behind due to their previous experience in a very nearby school which many had transferred from. In this school a young child’s jaw was broken in one of the many fights that often broke out. This was one of the numerous ” failing” schools or “drop-out factories” that our educational guru, Chandler, was able to tell us all about through the inspiring and revealing documentary – “Waiting for Superman”. I was very thankful that we were so informed about education in the United States before entering the charter schools this week, because it gave me a new perspective on the children’s ability level and statistical chances of going to college. I look forward to seeing how the other local schools compare as we experience them throughout the week and meet more children. We have been frequently discussing the affects of good and bad teachers, as well as having a motivator like a parental figure on children’s education. The boys and girl’s clubs provide a safe place for children between the hours of 3 and 6, the most dangerous time for youth and getting into trouble. I am interested in seeing the affects of these different organizations on the children in this economically depressed and academically struggling area.