I have been informed that the ASB Nicaragua team has arrived in Managua! The group was greeted by Witness for Peace and will head to CEPAD Nehemias – Interfaith Hostel for some rest!

This is our first year working with Witness for Peace. We expect communication to be limited. Below is an outline of the group’s itinerary during their time in Nicaragua:

Thursday, January 13

7:00am            Breakfast

8:00am            Orientation Part I: Check-In, WFP History, Health and Culture Tips, Mission and Covenant

9:30am            Break

9:45am            Hopes, Fears and Expectations, Gift-Giving Policy, Roles and Responsibilities

11:00am          Socio-Economic Contrast Tour (Market/Mall Exercise)

1:30pm            Lunch at CEPAD

2:00pm            Cycles of Military and Economic Violence Timeline

3:30pm            Historical Sights Tour of Managua

6:00pm            Dinner at CEPAD

Friday, January 14

7:00am           Breakfast

7:45am            Check-In/Reflection

8:30am            WFP Talk #1: Neoliberalism, Debt and the Nicaraguan Case

11:15am          Meeting with community organizer and health promoter Maria Ivania in a low-income neighborhood in Managua

12:45pm          Lunch out in Managua

2:00pm            Meeting with community leader Yamileth Pérez and tour of Acahaulinca (community bordering Managua’s garbage dump)

4:00pm            Processing Session: ‘Concepts of Development’ at Parque Tiscapa

6:00pm            Dinner at CEPAD

Saturday, January 15

7:00am             Breakfast at CEPAD

7:30am             Check-in and reflection

8:30am             WFP Talk #2: Neoliberalism in Practice: Free Trade and CAFTA

10:30am          Meeting with Gloria Carrion about CAFTA/ALBA

12:00pm          Lunch at CEPAD

12:45pm          Meeting with environmentalist Julio Sanchez from the Humboldt Center

3:000pm          Meeting with economist Cirilo Otero at Casa del Cafe

5:30pm            Campo Prep

6:00pm             Dinner

6:30pm:            Live Music Night!

Sunday, January 16 (Have Bags Packed and Ready to Go for Homestay!)

7:00am            Breakfast

7:30am            Check-In/Reflection

8:30am            Leave for Jalapa

12:00pm          Stop for Lunch

2:30pm            Arrive in Jalapa

3:00pm            Meetings with Community

4:00pmpm       Meet with and get to know families

Dinner and spend the night families (IT will be around to translate)

Monday, January 17

Day will be spent in the community with meetings that may include: visit to community school and health clinic, meeting with youth group, meeting with members of the agricultural cooperative

Dinner and spend night with families (IT will be around to translate)

Tuesday, January 18

7:00am            Breakfast and say goodbye to families!

8:00am            Leave Jalapa

11:00pm          Lunch and Campo Processing at Madre Tierra restaurant in Matagalpa

2:30pm            Leave for Managua

5:00pm            Embassy Prep I

6:00pm            Dinner at CEPAD

7:00pm            Movie Night/Free Time

Wednesday, January 19

7:00am            Breakfast

7:45am            Check-In/Reflection

9:00am            Meeting at Hospital Bertha Calderón

10:30am          Leave for Los Quinchos in San Marcos (Continue Embassy Prep on Bus)

12:00pm          Arrive in San Marcos and eat lunch at Los Quinchos restaurant/café

1:00pm            Spend the afternoon in Los Quinchos, learning about the work they do to rehabilitate street children, visiting the boys’ farm and the girls’ home

6:00pm            Dinner at Los Quinchos

7:00pm            Return to CEPAD

Thursday, January 20

7:00am            Breakfast

7:45am            Check-In/Reflection

9:30am            Meeting at U.S. Embassy

11:00am          Leave for the Laguna de Apoyo (or the beach at Pochomil)

12:30pm          Lunch at Laguna (or Pochomil)

1:30pm            Action Planning Part I

3:00pm            Free Time!

5:00pm             Action Planning Part II

6:30pm             Dinner

8:00pm             Return to CEPAD/Closing Ceremony

Say Goodbye to IT!  Have Bags Packed and Ready for the Airport in the morning!

We will update you with any new information received from the Nicaragua team. Please contact me at smithalm@lafayette.edu if you are interested in receiving e-mail updates.


Alyssa Smith, ASB President