We are nearing our departure date, and everyone is excited and ready to go! On the agenda: finishing construction on the community’s Ethno-Botanical Garden, planting medicinal plants in the garden to aid the new clinic in their treatments, making improvements to volunteer housing, learning how to live off of the rainforest’s resources during a night in the jungle, Shuar language and dance lessons…SO MUCH!

FUDECOIPA, the organization who helped to organize our trip, is dedicated to encouraging sustainable development efforts in the Shuar community. We are overly excited to be able to support this important effort, and learn more about the importance of sustainable development in rural rain forest communities.

Although the snow scheduled for our departure date is making me nervous, our flexible and resilient group will be able to make it through whatever road blocks we face..goodness knows that the flight will be the least of our challenges!

We will have 0 internet access in Ecuador, so the updates and stories will have to wait for our return. Until then, wish us luck!!