Alright, so it is day number 3 in Mississippi, day number 4 if you count the traveling and what not on Sunday. It has been a lot of fun. The group is getting along real well, and even though we are all really different, everyon is having a good time and working well together. We are also all learning a lot about the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Katrina, and a lot of other things.

    Today we wroked on our third new project since we have been here. There was a house that got the roof torn off during the storm, and rain completely ruined the inside of the house. We basically tore down a lot of sheetrock and insulation, and cleaned out the entire house because tomorrow we are going to start framing it. The people who own the house have been living in a small trailer for like 5 years, and recently just got a nicer upgraded trailer.

   The one thing that has really surprised me is how nice and friendly everyone is down here. I was thinking that after such a disaster and with all the stressfull times people had to go through that most of them would be on edge or not to friendly. It’s the exact opposite though and everyone has real hopefull spirits and really appreciates how we are trying to help out. Last night, The Men, me, mike, kevin, and dave, got the boot from the females. As we were hangen out, like a wolfpack, we went to Texaco, and met this guy named Craig. This dude was pretty intimidating, but turned out to be the nicest guy. He talked to us about Favre, his cooking, schools in the area, and how Katrina affected everyone. Craig, “the Legend”, is the perfect example of how a bunch of people down here are.

   Overall, the trip has been awesome. I never thought I would actually think a Professor is the man. But Dave, aka Professor Soll, absolute boss. He is just one of the guys. I have to give him this shout out because he is the coolest professor I have ever encountered, no disrespect to my professors. Dave has single handedly set the bar for future teachers I will have, the man is a legend just like Craig.

Thats all. Mississippi is awesome, who woulda thunk it?

Gulf Coast Team- we like tuhtles, Ax about us!!