Today, some of us overcame the fear of heights while painting a two-story home that had been badly damaged during the hurricane. Not only were we climbing the steep roofs of the house, but even had to stand on a ladder on top of the roof. Spending hours on top of the roof with the members of our team, we had the chance to truly bond over everything from how we were possibly going to get down to learning more about each other’s interests and talents. Something I realized standing 30+ feet above the ground was that all of us have to overcome our fears at some point. The situations that put us most outside of our comfort zone are often the most memorable and defintely leave us with a feeling of accomplishment. The victims of the hurricane had to overcome much more than simple fears like heights, but getting to the point of where they can live in a comfortable home again is really the reason we’re here. With our help, they are overcoming what the hardships they’ve faced over the past 5 years.