Today, our group finished up the last of our van delivery trips. Each of us got to take a trip with one of the van drivers to different boroughs of the city to deliver the meals that we have been preparing all week!
I got the honor of driving with Narry to make his deliveries up to the Bronx. He shared his story about how he came to God’s Love, and I was amazed that he had been a driver for 10 years! He told me that he had experience driving most of the routes which makes him an incredibly valuable team member when there are so many clients to get to!
Today we had a client list of 52 at 42 different locations.  What most impressed me, was that he had memorized each stop on our route, as well as the particular directions that each client had given for their delivery. Most of the time I brought bags up to an apartment in a big complex, in which case I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. In some instances however, I was instructed to let myself right into the house and drop it off straight to the client, or leave it on a counter. It was clear that Narry had taken the time to get to know each of his clients, and they greatly appreciated his services. It was an honor to be able to work with him and see the project that we have been working on all week come full circle, and the smiles on each person’s face when they received their food.
The past two days, we have also been continuing our work in the kitchen. On Wednesday we unpacked, and individually marinaded 1600 salmon steaks, and the kitchen team today packaged each up as a meal to go out on deliveries tomorrow. On top of that we have still been doing our endless veggie chopping, as well as cake making, rice scooping, and sausage de-paning. We are quite the productive group! :)

Peace Be.