Today was our first day actually volunteering in the school. From 8-1 we were at the Holy Family Ministries School. I worked with the preschoolers the classroom I was with are “the voyagers” they are the 4 year old they are on a voyage to kindergarten. They were intelligent friendly children. I read the whole class a book then they had timeto read individually but being as they are only four years old they are not the best readers, so they all bombarded me asking me to help them read their books so I ended up reading at least 5 more books to them. This week they are learning about where they live which is Chicago. There were three tables set up in the room Math, Writing, and Art. For their Art project they made the Chicago Skyline with construction paper, which I helped them with. At the writing station they wrote the word “Chicago” some students needed assistance which I readily provided. They also did other activities but I don’t want to go on and on. Next we went to the boys and girls club from 2-6 most student get there around 3 and work on home until 4 then are free to play and travel aroud. I worked with the 10-12 year old. This was a huge contrast from the delightful 4 year old they were roudy, and inactive they neither wanted help with homework or to play but prefererd congregating in groups and talking. I much prefered the preschoolers, they were much more apprecitive and I felt like my time there actually made a difference. One thing that was differnt was that the classroom both at the school and boys and girls club was comprised entirely of African American students. I enjoyed the school and look forward to returning tomorrow and hopefully will have a more successful day at the boys and girls club tomorrow.

-Alicia Bartley