Among all things this week, there is something that I enjoyed experiencing. I must mention that I am not a religious person, or better, I believe in all religions, in their moral and spiritual teachings, but although born in a Christian environment, I did not exactly learn to pray or reflect upon any biblical stories or others related. However, I do appreciate some religious reasoning.  What I found interesting during this trip were the little stories or quotes that Mike was reading after the morning and the afternoon meeting. For me personally, it did not matter that they were written or derived from the Bible or spoken by Mother Theresa. The important part is that it was really inspiring and it set the tone for the day or in some cases it described in the exact words the experiences I had that day.

One that I still remember and find particularly captivating was the following. A man wanted to know the difference between good and bad (heaven and hell, kindness and greediness). He entered a room and saw people sitting around a table. In the middle of the table there was a plate with plenty food. The people, however, were very skinny. They all had spoons long enough to reach the plate, but too long to reach their own mouths. He then enetered the next room, and there was the same table with same plate in the middle of it. All the people sitting around the table looked healthy and well-fed. They also had the long spoons to reach the plate, but instead, they fed each other. That is the difference between good and bad, kindness and greediness.

This was a story we heard at the beginning of the week and it made me not only know but actually realize the purpose we all came down here. At the moment, we have the long spoons and we can reach the full plate.