No, this title does not refer to my boss. It has a whole other meaning. What meaning does it have? Read along and I’ll tell you.
I have been very lucky on this trip so far. I know that people are likely fine ding that hard to believe since reading my other postings, but it is true. First, I got assigned to an awesome group. Second, I got to meet the owners of the house that we worked on and they are the sweetest people ever. Last, I have been lucky enough to actually finish a project which is something that I did not expect. At the end of the project, we did the strangest thing… we sang Amazing Grace. Apparently, it is customary for people to sing at the end of a project down here. It serves as closure on the project and I really liked it. I have finished a ton of projects in my time, but I never sang when I finished, I just moved on to another project. Well, that’s about to change baby! I will now begin to sing when I finish something. For example, when I finish a conduct case and I am finished writing the letters, I might sing “signed, sealed, delivered” or when I am finished getting dressed I’ll sing “I feel pretty”. Please help me by giving suggestions on things that I would likely finish and a song that I could possibly sing to mark the occasion. Until next time.