Am I guaranteed a job?​

If you complete the application and are selected to interview, chances are good that you will be offered a job, but there is no guarantee. The number of open positions varies from semester to semester and depends on many factors.

You will be notified after the interview whether you are selected for a position, and will receive your assignment shortly thereafter.  Each semester you are automatically rehired unless you receive poor evaluations on your performance from previous semesters.

How do I apply?​

You may contact Chris Cohen ( with any question about the application process. Applications are accepted prior to each semester (Please visit Career Vault for the online application) and most positions are filled during the first weeks of each semester.​

Do I have to have any special experience to qualify for this job? Do I have to be in education classes?​

No. In general, Lafayette students are extremely effective and reliable America Reads*Counts tutors, and we find that the majority of our applicants come with an incredible breadth of knowledge and a wide range of experience working with children.

Most importantly, we are looking for tutors who are enthusiastic and organized, who show great commitment and reliability, and who enjoy working with children and want to ensure that the children they mentor are successful.

May I request a particular site assignment?​

Yes. Many tutors do find a favorite site, and they enjoy returning each semester to a place where they know the staff and children well.  However,  please be aware that your final assignment will be determined by your class schedule and the individual community partner sites’ needs.

You can switch sites after the end of the semester, and you can work at multiple sites each semester, depending on your schedule and the amount of Federal Work Study money that you are eligible to earn.

How far are the sites from campus?​

All of the sites are in Easton, and they range from 10-20 minutes travel.  We provide transportation (van or LCAT) to most sites, except for March Elementary, where tutors can easily walk from campus.​

Do I have to work over holidays?​

No. You may take all college holidays, and you are permitted excused absences for classes, tests, and family emergencies.  However, please note that we take attendance and commitment to tutoring very seriously.  Thus, unexcused and on-going attendance problems can result in termination.​

What kind of work will I do? Will I always be in a classroom setting?​

Tutors are utilized by their teachers/community partner supervisors in a variety of ways including: one-on-one tutoring of students identified by the classroom teacher as needing additional help, small group work with  students requiring additional math/reading assistance, general homework help as part of an after-school program, helping in a classroom by creating and implementing literacy activities, etc.​

What if I am unhappy with the work I am assigned by my teacher, or don't get along with my teacher?​

Your role is to provide academic assistance to students, under the direction and supervision of a teacher.  This may take many forms. But your role is not to be a clerical, administrative or disciplinary aide to the teacher.  Of course, everyone pitches in at times to make a classroom run smoothly, so you may occasionally be asked to help out with clerical tasks, make copies, straighten the room, etc.  But if these are the primary tasks your teacher is giving you, you need to discuss your proper role with the teacher.  You should never disobey or disagree with your teacher in front of students, parents or other teachers, but should find time for a private talk with the teacher.  If you are not able to resolve the problem with your teacher, you can speak to the site coordinator or America Reads coordinator who assigned you to the teacher, and we will help resolve the situation.  If you don’t get along with your teacher, or are not treated respectfully, again:  try to resolve it in a private conversation or let us know about the problem. Do not wait until the end of the semester then complain about situations like these.  They are uncommon, but they do occur.  Let us know about it as it is happening and we’ll help you.  We do not want you to be unhappy or poorly used in this job.  If necessary, we will change your assignment.​​

How can I determine if I have federal work study eligibility?​

If you qualified for Federal Work Study under your Financial Aid package, you should have received information from Financial Aid.  Sometimes Financial Aid Packages can change. If you are unsure of your status and/or need further information, you should contact the Financial Aid Department in Markle Hall.​

Will I need any special documents, etc.?​


Payroll Paperwork:

In order to be paid through the college, you must complete the proper payroll forms through the Controller’s Office located on the 2nd floor of Markle Hall. You will need to present a passport or two forms of ID.


Prior to the start of tutoring, you must complete the following: Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check, Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, and FBI Fingerprinting.  These clearances are currently paid for by the college.

You will also need to fill out a Tuberculosis Screening Form to determine if you will need to have further TB testing.

After you apply, you will receive more information on how to complete these requirements.

Adapted from NYU’s America Reads website.​