How is the COVID-19 pandemic influencing POSP 2020?

COVID-19 creates a unique challenge for community service and engagement. There may be changes to the number of camps offered through POSP, the community partners involved, and the number of first-year students accepted to the program.

Lafayette will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and government/state  recommendations. Any impact or changes to POSP, the early move-in schedule, program camps, and/or the number of individuals accepted to the program will be communicated to students as soon as possible.


How many students participate in POSP?

This varies year to year, with some applicants selected as alternates. The application process is competitive, so interested students should put the appropriate amount of time and effort into their applications.  There are 18 returning students on staff.

Does POSP conflict with any other activities that occur before orientation?

POSP occurs at the same time as some other activities.  International Student Orientation occurs during POSP, so international applicants are admitted on a case by case basis. For other activities, like band camp or sports teams’ training, you should contact your coach/adviser for their attendance policy.  POSP participants MUST be present for and participate in the entire program.

How are camp placements determined?

Camp placements are determined by information provided by the application.  We consider previous volunteer, teamwork, and leadership experiences as well as any special skills.  Please note that the special skills asked for by the application (lifeguarding, CPR certification, etc.) only affect camp placement, not acceptance into POSP.   

Is there a cost associated with POSP?

A registration fee of $150 is due upon acceptance into the Pre-Orientation Service Program (POSP).  Students who qualify for for financial aid may be eligible for a fee waiver. Please contact our Assistant Director, Melissa Ash, at for more information. Registration fees cover the cost of early move-in, food, transportation, and evening recreational activities.  All meals and activities during the week are included in this cost.  Registration fees are due by July 16, 2021.    Please make checks payable to Lafayette College with POSP in memo line.

Moving in Early

Where will I stay?  How does the early arrival process work?

POSP first year students move into the same residence hall and rooms they will be living in for the first semester (the Residence Hall room assigned by Residence Life).  Sometimes roommates end up participating in POSP together, and sometimes they don’t.  Participation in POSP does not affect residence hall or roommate assignments.  We arrange for POSP first year students to move-in mid-morning on the first day of POSP between 9:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M.  With the help of returning leaders, participants have time to unload their belongings and get situated in their rooms.  A suggested packing list is included with the accepted POSP first year students’ materials.

An overview of College Housing at Lafayette is provided on the Residence Life website.

How do I set up my computer for services at Lafayette?

Please visit the Technology Guide for New Students for all questions regarding Lafayette’s Information Technology Services.

Should my family members attend the parent orientation session?

The answer currently is yes, you should absolutely have your loved ones attend the orientation session. However, we will remain flexible as COVID-19 safety protocols for visitors on campus may continue to change throughout the summer. 

In a traditional world, parents and families of new and transfer students would attend an orientation session in Colton Chapel during new student orientation. While students attend their first Orientation Meeting, parents and families would attend presentations from Academics, Campus Life, and Parent Relations. Upper-level students would also offer advice for parents and families based on their experiences and recommend how parents can respond to issues that may confront a new student.

An audio file would be recorded and uploaded to the Lafayette Families website, which would be available to families who are unable to attend in person. Parents and families would receive a POINT email notifying them when the recording is available.

The Program

How many people are on staff?  Will there be other groups on campus?

There are 18 returning students on staff and professional staff from the Lafayette College Landis Center for Community Engagement present throughout the program.  Other people on campus include Public Safety officers, administrators, Resident Advisers, Orientation Leaders, and  students who have moved in early for various activities (sports teams, international students, some student leaders, etc.).  POSP is an entirely substance-free program for first-year students and returning leaders. This policy is strictly enforced.

What kind of transportation does POSP require/use?

POSP members volunteering with the Firth Youth Center and Urban Garden Initiative will be transported by van to their respective service program. These vans are provided by the Landis Center and are driven by van-certified student drivers.  POSP members and the children in KIC and TIC Camps will be transported by bus to a local park for a field trip on one day.  All other service programs take place on-campus or nearby in the Easton community.  All activities taking place in Easton are close to the Lafayette College campus, and returning leaders will walk with POSP first year students to these locations. For POSP 2021, we will pay close attention to adherence to health and safety guidelines for all off-campus transportation and activities.

What is the schedule like?  Are all activities mandatory?

See the page titled “Schedule” to view the schedule from last year.  POSP members MUST be present for and participate in the entire program.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us!