We work closely with the Easton Area School District, the City of Easton, the Hunger Coalition, Nurture Nature Center, the Easton Area Lifestyle Campus, and Easton Main Street Initiative, among many others, to help support K-12 education, environmental sustainability, community health and economic development, and community art throughout the Easton community.

The Center for Community Engagement can help you establish a connection with one of our community partners.

Community Partner Breakfasts

Several times a year, the Center for Community Engagement brings together our community partners for a morning of sharing best practices and finding common solutions to challenges.

Civic Seminar

In the Spring of 2014, the Center for Community Engagement, through a grant from the AAC&U, gathered students, community partners and faculty and staff for a conversation about civic engagement. The conversation was in the form of a KIVA, which means listening to voices. Arranged in concentric circles, participants voiced their experience, hopes, and concerns about the impact of Lafayette College in the community, especially the City of Easton.

Webinars and Training

Since the founding of the Landis Center, civic engagement professionals have engaged our community leaders in professional development workshops and dialogues. Last year more than 30 community partners participated in three webinars on Collective Impact. Become involved or suggest a topic.

CCE Steering Committee

Established in the Fall of 2015, the CCE formed a steering committee consisting of college and community leaders to enhance the work of community engagement and build partnerships that are reciprocal and sustainable.

  • Paul Brunswick, Two Rivers Health and Wellness Fund
  • Chelsea Cefalu, Center for Community Engagement, Lafayette College
  • Mike Dowd, First UCC Church
  • Charles Elliot, Community Member
  • Alyssa Emili, Easton Area School District
  • Marie Fechik-Kirk, Director of Sustainability, Lafayette College
  • Michael Handzo, Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust
  • Dawn Hart, Director of Community and Economic Development
  • Jim Henkel, Community Member
  • Scott Hummel, Lafayette College
  • Kim Kmetz, Easton Main Street Initiative
  • Arthur Kney, Lafayette College
  • Guillermo Lopez, Community in Schools
  • Lawrence Malinconico, Lafayette College/Tech Clinic
  • Jared Mast, Greater Easton Development Partnership
  • Robert Root, Lafayette College
  • Melissa Starace, Vice President and Liaison to the Board, Lafayette College
  • Amber Zuber, Center for Community Engagement, Lafayette College

Government and Civic Services: The Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government engages in local, regional, national, and international public service, training, and outreach to state and local governments and civic organizations.

Community Arts

Faculty and staff have assisted city planners, the local arts community, and residents to help develop the Karl Stirner Arts Trail as a walking trail and environmental corridor between downtown and 13th Street. Jim Toia, director of the community arts program at Lafayette, serves as the chairman of the Bushkill Creek Corridor Council of the Arts. Learn more about the community arts.

The Center for Community Engagement maintains the Community Partnerships Inventory as a resource for students, faculty, and community partners. The Inventory includes a brief description of each community organization Lafayette partners with and which programs, initiatives, or projects we partner with them for. The Community Partnerships Inventory is updated prior to each fall semester.