Today was particularly powerful to me. I admire these people so much and feel like they are giving me way more then I could ever pay back. Their sense of community and togetherness brings me an overwhelming sense of hope and joy. I feel that we are missing that sense of unity with the black community, across the oppressed minorities, and as humans in general. Why are we not bonding together? Furthermore, hearing the congressman speak really make me ponder the separation of minorities through we have many common goals. A lot of African-American people I know see Hispanics as very different from themselves. I appreciate the efforst of the congressman to bring the African-American, Hispanic, and Asian caucuses together.

The genuine warmth of the people is also really refreshing. Knowing the circumstances they may have at home and still seeing them smile makes me treasure the smallest blessings even more. So strong.

I do not pity them. They are surrounded by greatness and love. I look forward to helping and learning the rest of the week with this awesome ASB team.

In the words of JFK, “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.”