The journey to Honduras has started a little early for Rich and me. Rich was kind enough to drive up to Maine to visit and give me a ride down to Newark (this is the first time since freshman year that I haven’t had to take a bus or a plane – thanks, bub!) Now that we’re in New Jersey, I can safely say that after driving through that snowstorm, the 80 degree weather of Pespire is sounding better and better with each passing second.

Now about the week ahead. I have never been one to get all excited before big trips or events. For whatever reason, I stay pretty mellow up until the trip begins. This might sound boring, but it allows me to put all that excited energy into ┬áthe trip, so I can’t really complain.

I can say that I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to shake off all the rust that’s built up in regard to my Spanish skills. It’s been almost three years since I last took a class and I look forward to getting in a little practice and learning some new phrases. Along with the opportunity to work on my Spanish, I really look forward to the opportunity to work in the medical clinic. Though I will never be a doctor, I do plan on entering the medical field as a medic, especially outside the US. The opportunity to work at a local Honduran clinic is the perfect start to what I hope is a career in medicine.

Beyond that, as an Anthro-Soc/Photo major, this seems like the perfect opportunity to get out there and experience a different culture. I plan on taking many photographs. In all honesty, I couldn’t be any happier that I got accepted to one of the ASB service trips, let alone that I got into this group of amazing people. I feel incredibly lucky.