I have a saying on my dorm room wall: go once a year, to a place you have never been.

Back in September, when the ASB application came out, I looked over the different trips, and Costa Rica immediately stood out to me. I think at first, the words, sustainable agriculture, resonated with me. I have always been aware of the environment, but I saw this trip as a unique opportunity to learn about it in a completely different way than ever before. Besides those practical reasons, I saw a chance of an adventure that I could not pass up. I’ve never been to Central America, so I wanted to see a new corner of the world. I wanted to experience Costa Rica’s lush forests and spectacular views.

Now, after reading blogs from last year’s trip, and looking at La Grande Vista’s website, I am more excited than ever! I can’t wait to see how my experience compares with what I have read about. I’m not entirely sure what awaits me two days from now, but I am ready for whatever challenges will come.