AR*C Tutor of the Month:

Lila Daly ’14

Major: International Affairs

Career Goals: I have no idea!

Nominated By: Crystal Messer at Pre-K Counts




I have been tutoring since Fall 2011 and my favorite memory is when we play Michael Jackson music in the classroom and all the kids dance and sing to it!

From Crystal Messer:

When Miss Lila arrives to the classroom, she reads to the children and focuses on current literacy skills. Miss Lila moves around the room during the children’s free choice center time engaging in conversation with the children about their play, ideas, and to help resolve social issues. When Miss Lila notices a particular child in the classroom needs stimulation during group activities, she guides him to an area in the classroom to briefly engage him in movement activities to meet his needs. She requires little direction from teachers to meet her requirements in the classroom and having her has been helpful for the children and teachers.