Lila Daly ’14

Experiences at Our Lady of Mercy

March 8, 2012






Working at OLOM continues to be an extremely rewarding experience for me! Recently the kids have been working on rhyming, as they also celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday and have been reading lots of Dr. Seuss books. It is really interesting how some of the kids understand what a rhyme is, while others have a hard time picking it up. Many times the kids will make an association, for example, if I ask them to say something that rhymes with ‘pink’ they will say ‘red’. My teacher told me that the ability to rhyme is an indicator of how ready a child is to begin reading. I think it is really amazing that something so second nature to us can be quite a challenge to learn.

I also continue to be happily surprised at the number of kids who ask me to read books to them during their station time. Most of the time I read a book about Michael Jackson, as at least one student requests it every time I am there. I try to have them fill in some blanks of the story because we have read it so much, and they are doing a pretty good job at it.

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    I think that’s really interesting Lila Baila!

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