Friday was our last day of service at the Romero Center and a few of the other girls and I went to a Habitat for Humanity site in Camden. The site that we worked on was three row houses that are being built on a street corner. Habitat for Humanity has been working in Camden for over ten years and has restored many abandoned houses and built many others. We worked with a carpenter who was very passionate for what he was doing. He has been working for Habitat for six years and he has learned how to work well with volunteers, especially inexperienced ones like us. The houses that we were working on have been under construction since August so there were not full roves on the houses. Since it snowed the night before, we had to shovel the snow out of the second floor of the house before the roof could be worked on. Some of the dry wall had gotten wet from the snow so it had to be removed from its wooden frame. We were sitting at the top of a roofless house tarring dry wall apart and I couldn’t help but enjoy the view. Even such a dangerous and impoverished place as Camden just looked like another beautiful city from above. We have done a wide variety of different types of service throughout the week, many of which involved just spending time with people and learning their stories. Though I enjoyed and learned from each of the different types of service, the Habitat for Humanity day was very hands on and really made me feel like I was accomplishing something and it was a great way to end the week!