Arrived in Camden after wending and winding our way on the glorious highways of New Jersey.  The two vans full of giggling girls were pumped about a trip into a very different community that was so close to our own at dear ole Lafayette.  We were pleasantly surprised, once we arrived at the Romero Center, to find this community type house as comfortable, cozy, and welcoming as it was.  We received a tour of the facilities, were shown where we would be sleeping (in three different rooms with bunk beds) and were fed a delicious dinner of cordon blue chicken, rice, sauteed vegetables, and salad.  Being a community type house we all participated in cleaning up and doing the dishes after we ate.  But we are not the only group of fun spirited volunteers at the Romero Center, there are two other high school groups and a group from Niagara College which we will probably be volunteering with during the week.  After dinner the center had two speakers, a man who had previously worked at the center but now worked at a nearby homeless shelter (called New Visions) and one of the homeless (or “unsheltered”) individuals who had attended his shelter but had been helped and now worked several jobs including a job at the shelter New Visions.  Both talks gave our group our first taste of Camden and the type of individuals that we will be working and interacting with.  Sitting in our rooms right now we are all anticipating a wonderful week full of new experiences and fabulous people.