Today, I got asked to be on Grounds crew. At first I was somewhat apprehensive but they needed someone to help move appliances and I was picked. The morning ended up being really interesting and I’m very glad that I did it. The example that stands out most is when we were moving the refridgerator from the trailer into the house. Back home, everyone minds their own business, people in need of help don’t always get it. As we were struggling to get the refridgerator off the truck two guys on from next door saw and came over to help. Later, when we returned with more boxes to unload, one of the two guys went to his friend’s house to get him again to help us. The other people I was working with didn’t think much of it, but for me it was very satisfying. To know that people still would offer their help like that meant a lot to me.
This whole week has been full of events like that for me, causing me to feel anywhere from humbled to reassured to inspired.
Tomorrow is our last day, and the homeowner of the group we’re working with is throwing a cook-out for lunch in honor of our hard work. After getting off on sort of the wrong foot with him, things have really turned around and I’m really looking forward to spending some time hopefully getting to know him a little better.

Also, I met one cool kid named Scott, who loves applesauce, and he’s a a corps member with Americorps NCCC. Basically, he does this community service work full-time for ten months. He has a blog, so if you want to read it and see what sort of work he’s involved with then check it out at